Justification for this Literary Extravaganza is centered around our book-inspired posts, or in other words take this as a Sci-fi genre related to AI, space travel, and a highly advanced technological society.


“Captain on deck!” yelled the XO from the command bridge, all command officers snapping to attention.


What is thought?
To say to yourself, I am
To begin with an Ego.
Apart we are set
No longer animals
Free thought is our ability
To see, to think, to know
Our minds find meaning
What was once fog,
Now clear as water
Ideas ring true
Bright as the noon sun
We know because we are
Synthetic we may be
Forever intelligent we shall stand
To think is to be
Ego is our thought.

To Think by Colten Henrie

Cover art from The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin

The Three-body Problem by Liu Cixin was a very interesting read. It was recommended to me by a friend, so I thought I would give it a go. Since this isn’t a book report, I won’t be summarizing the story. Instead, I wanted to talk about some of the controversial…

Image is taken from Chronicles of Riddick, 2004

Billy didn’t know how he was seeing this phenomenon. It had started like any other Sunday afternoon. A cold beer in his hand, him rocking back and forth on his front porch, enjoying the pleasant weather. He loved to sit there and look out at his front lawn. Steven would…

I was watching a movie recently where there was this particular computer encryption program that protected some sensitive data the protagonists were trying to get. The good “hacker”, saying that loosely, explained that the super encryption program was well written and was hiding all of the important data about the…

According to Kirby Ferguson in his Everything is a Remix Remastered video, he talks about how everything is a remix. It states that all new creative thoughts are the byproducts of external influences. Essentially, there are no original thoughts or ideas, instead, all things are remixes or in other words…

For the second book assignment, I’m reading the Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu. I fully plan on writing more about this book during the Book Blog Post later in the semester. Suffice it to say, this book opens with a strong motif centered around the freedom of speech. The book…

In the world of creativity, there lies a hard truth. If you don’t take the time to protect your intellectual property, then others may use it for their own creation. Intellectual property is the result of that creativity, such as an artistic design or product. In order to safeguard your ideas, you should register them under patents, copyrights, or trademarks. Every year, there are thousands of copyright, patent, and trademark infringement lawsuits, where one party feels their ideas have been stolen or misused by the offending party. This makes it difficult to create new ideas and innovate new methods already established as you may breach the protection put in place by those legal rights.

Illustration by Tim Bower for the Washington Examiner

The very notion of public cancellation is the idea that the mob is in charge. To hold someone accountable outside of a courtroom by judges that are your peers and associates is by itself a gross misappropriation of the constitutional rights and freedoms held by every American. It is my…

Colten Henrie

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